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Physio Physique works with NDIS participants, offering support for a wide array of health issues that can affect pain management, brain and nerve health, physical injuries, and mental wellness.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS is designed to assist those with severe and lasting disabilities by providing them with the necessary support. If your plan includes NDIS physiotherapy services, you can use your funds for physiotherapy services.

We offer our 7-day availability and are ready to assist individuals of any age dealing with different health challenges. Our physio in Beulah Park can provide practical advice on healthier lifestyles and recommend exercises and tools to simplify everyday activities, improving overall quality of life.

Physio Physique - Elderly woman with knee pain.
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Advantages Of NDIS Physio For Participants

Physiotherapy offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your life if you have permanent and significant disability. Engaging in the right NDIS physio program can lead you to better health, more involvement in community activities, and increased independence.

Our team of physiotherapists in Beulah Park assists a diverse range of people with various disabilities affecting their movement and control, including lifelong or severe conditions. As experienced health professionals, we leverage your strengths to make daily tasks and living in your environment easier.

Physiotherapy could be beneficial if you’re dealing with conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, intellectual disabilities, spinal cord injuries, or brain injuries from accidents.

By participating in physiotherapy, you could increase your level of physical activity, gain strength, avoid injuries, and enhance your connections with others. If you’re interested in joining a sports team or a fitness class but need to boost your fitness and confidence first, physiotherapy might be the right step for you.

How We Help With NDIS Physiotherapy In Beulah Park

At Physio Physique, our team understands the unique challenges NDIS participants face and is committed to offering specialised support tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced, professional physiotherapists hold advanced certifications and specialise in treating various conditions. Discover how we can make your journey towards better health a smooth and supportive experience.

Our physiotherapists support NDIS participants dealing with various health challenges, including:

Physio Physique - Elderly woman with back pain.

Muscle and Joint Pain

We specialise in addressing a broad spectrum of muscle and joint pain and injuries. Whether it’s discomfort in the neck, shoulders, back, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, or feet, we’re here to help.

Physio Physique - Elderly woman experiencing discomfort in her hand.

Degenerative Conditions

We offer support for permanent physical conditions that significantly impact your ability to function. These include conditions like arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and spinal cord injuries, among others.

Physio Physique - Elderly person using walking aids.

Neurological Conditions

We are equipped to help with nerve-related conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS), injuries to the spinal cord or brain, strokes, and hemiplegia. If you can walk on your own or with support, Physio Physique is ready to provide health services to assist in your recovery.

Quality NDIS Physiotherapist Care In-Clinic And In Your Home

We understand that not all NDIS participants can attend our Adelaide clinic to receive physiotherapy assessment and treatment plans.

Whether you live at home or in a supported residential facility (SRF), we are happy to bring you our high-quality physiotherapy in Beulah Park.

Physio Physique can provide pain relief and supervised exercise to build capacity and bring rehabilitation, no matter where you live.

Physio Physique - male older patient doing therapy
Physio Physique - Physiotherapist supervising patient while they exercise.

Enhancing Abilities and Everyday Living with Physio Physique

Our team-focused method ensures that NDIS participants in Beulah Park receive the supportive and goal-oriented physiotherapy they need. Our approach is all about enhancing your abilities and enriching your everyday living. Each physiotherapist will tailor our services to meet your individual goals, helping you move better, feel better, and ultimately live better.

Why Trust Physio Physique For NDIS Physiotherapy Assessment And Treatment

As a provider of NDIS physiotherapy Beulah Park residents trust, we recognise that individuals in the program have diverse needs, and we tailor our services to help achieve their personal objectives and improve their quality of life. Physio Physique caters to both plan managed and self-managed NDIS plan participants.

Holistic Assessment And Treatment Approach

Our approach includes a comprehensive evaluation and treatment options that integrates highly effective hands-on therapy and tailored exercises aligned with your NDIS goals.

Mobile NDIS

Our skilled physiotherapists are ready to provide top-notch assessments and treatments right in your own home. Just complete the "Request Home Visit" form provided, and we'll get in touch with you.

Dedicated Support for NDIS Participants

No matter if you're facing challenges with delayed motor skills, mobility, balance, muscle and joint issues, or neurological conditions, Physio Physique is committed to assisting you.

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We Bring Expert Care To Your Doorstep

Get the same quality of care you’d find in a clinic but in the comfort of your home or supported residential facility (SRF). We bring everything needed to provide you with comprehensive and expert physiotherapy treatments.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of physiotherapists comes equipped with acupuncture needles, myofascial release cups, massage creams, and any prescribed assistive devices like braces or walking aids.

Contact Us Today!

Don’t let pain or mobility challenges wait. With our 7-day availability and extended hours, you can find relief on any schedule.

Get in touch with our friendly physio in Beulah Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our physiotherapists are able to travel up to 30 minutes (one way) to provide in-home NDIS physiotherapy care. In the west, we can travel as far as North Haven, Taperoo, Osborne, Henley Beach and West Beach etc. In the south, we can travel as far as Oaklands Park, Edwardstown, Glenelg, Daw Park, Fullarton and Unley etc. In the east, we can travel as far as Norwood, Burnside, St Peters, Marden, Walkerville, Fullarton and Magill etc. In the north, we can travel as far as Salisbury, Parafield Gardens, Mawson Lakes, Para Hills, Pooraka, Kilburn, Blair Athol and Ingle Farm etc.

If in doubt, please contact our clinic at (08) 8123 8252 and our receptionists will confirm.

Yes, Physio Physique is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am-2:00pm. Book an appointment online conveniently or give us a call at (08) 8123 8252.

Our physiotherapy clinic is open 7 days per week, therefore NDIS participants can quite likely be seen within 1-2 days.

We prefer that NDIS participants attend our clinic in Allenby Gardens as we can access more equipment and offer our full range of services. However, if a home visit appointment is medically required, you can request a home visit by completing the form above.

We provide "Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or Training (including Assistive Technology) - Physiotherapy" which falls under Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living.

Physio Physique can provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment to any participant who is self managed or plan managed.

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