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Experience the joy of movement again with our skilled and experienced physiotherapists in Hyde Park. We are committed to figuring out your unique needs and designing a personalised plan with your involvement. We equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to regain confidence and to embrace life fully.

We have successfully helped numerous clients recover from injuries, helping them get back to work, sports, and daily activities. Whether you’re dealing with a recent injury, long-term pain, a sports-related issue, or needing post-surgery rehab, Physio Physique is here to support you.

A Physiotherapists at Physio Physique is assisting patients with a range of physical exercises.

Why Choose Us for Physio Hyde Park

Choosing the right physiotherapy services in Hyde Park is crucial for your health journey. That’s why Physio Physique stands out as your best option. Our commitment to providing personalised, effective care is unmatched. We pride ourselves on our team of experienced, professional physiotherapists who hold advanced certifications and specialise in treating a wide range of conditions.

Our state-of-the-art techniques and warm, welcoming environment mean we prioritise your well-being. At Physio Physique, we set ourselves apart by:

Using A Holistic Assessment And Treatment Approach

We adopt a detailed evaluation and treatment strategy that merges effective hands-on therapy with customised exercises designed just for you.

Tailored Services To Fit Your Schedule

Our Adelaide clinic is open 7 days a week with extended hours and flexible appointment times suitable for your busy lifestyle.

Empowering Your Health Journey

We're here to help you take charge of your health with education on self-care and prevention, teaching you ways to help yourself heal and recover.

Creating Sustainable Habits For Lasting Health Changes

We focus on setting positive and achievable goals to ensure you can maintain your health improvements over time.

Dedicated Care for NDIS Participants

We understand the unique needs of NDIS participants and provide various services that help meet their specific goals.

A Warm And Welcoming Environment

Our friendly team ensures a professional yet relaxing atmosphere, complete with lush plants and a warm cup of coffee or tea for our clients.

Our Three-Step Approach to Improving Your Health

The journey to better health may seem daunting. At Physio Physique, we have simplified the process with our unique three-step approach. This method ensures that from the moment you walk through our doors, you’re on a path tailored to your specific needs and goals.

We will outline each phase of our approach, from initial assessment to personalised treatment plans and beyond, showing how we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Our structured yet flexible strategy involves the following: 

The Physiotherapist at Physio Physique is correcting the patient's dislocated shoulder.

1. Settle It

When you’re in pain, your muscles naturally tense up around the injury to protect it, leading to stiffness and difficulty moving. Our expert Adelaide physiotherapists employ various hands-on techniques to reduce pain quickly.

A patient of Physio Physique is receiving lymphatic drainage massage.

2. Restore It

Once your pain begins to ease, it’s crucial to start getting back to normal. Our qualified physiotherapists will tailor mobility and strength exercises that work alongside the manual treatments. We know that everyone’s needs are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

The patient is being assisted by the physiotherapist at Physio Physique while doing exercises on a yoga mat.

3. Prevent It

Our goal is always to look ahead. By assessing and treating various conditions, we aim to prevent future pain and injuries by helping you build a strong and flexible body. Two common causes of injuries are improper movement patterns and insufficient muscle strength or conditioning.

The Many Conditions Our Physiotherapists In Hyde Park Can Treat

Our team of skilled physiotherapists at Physio Physique is equipped to assist you with various conditions, ensuring you receive the holistic care you deserve. Whether you’re facing musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, or recovering from an injury, we’re here to support your journey to recovery and improved health. 

Discover the variety of conditions we can help you manage. Here, we demonstrate our commitment to enhancing your quality of life through expert physiotherapy services.

A male patient of Physio Physique is leaning against a wall while holding his lower back in pain.

Dealing with back or spinal pain requires a careful approach to address the root causes effectively. We collaborate with you to create a tailored treatment plan for a swift recovery.

Back Pain

A patient of Physio Physique is looking down and holding her shoulder in discomfort.

With its 17 muscles, the shoulder is the body’s most flexible joint, but this flexibility also increases the risk of injury. We are here to address and treat shoulder issues.

Shoulder Pain

A patient at Physio Physique is experiencing severe migraines.

You don’t have to accept headaches and migraines as a regular part of life. Our physiotherapy methods can offer lasting relief for both acute and chronic head pain.

Headaches & Migraines

A patient of Physio Physique is holding his injured ankle in pain.

Active sports participation is excellent for fitness but can lead to soft tissue injuries like tendonitis, ligament sprains, and muscle strains. We’re here to provide sports physiotherapy to help athletes with pain management so they can recover and return to action.

Sport Injuries

An older Physio Physique patient has issues with knee discomfort.

As the largest joint, the knee bears significant force and is prone to various injuries, including ligament and muscle strains and meniscus tears. We provide care aimed at knee pain relief and recovery.

Knee Pain

An elderly patient of Physio Physique is experiencing severe hip pain.

Hip discomfort is often linked to joint problems, bursitis, tendonitis, lower back issues, and irritated nerves, sometimes causing pain in other body parts. We address hip pain holistically.

Hip pain

A patient undergoing therapy at Physio Physique is using crutches.

Recovering from orthopaedic surgery requires careful management to ensure successful outcomes. Enhance your recovery process with our post-operative rehabilitation services.

Post Operative Rehab

A Physio Physique patient has a chronic headache.

Chronic pain is influenced by both physical and psychosomatic factors. It demands a compassionate, comprehensive approach for management and relief.

Chronic Pain

The physiotherapist at Physio Physique supervising patient while they exercise.

Trust Your Health To Our Experts At Physio Physique

At Physio Physique, our highly skilled physiotherapists embrace a comprehensive, patient-focused method for treating physical injuries and pain. We guide our patients towards achieving unparalleled health and wellness by integrating Eastern and Western healing techniques.

Discover a unique care experience with Physio Physique.

Get Back To Your Best In Our On-Site Gym

Physio Physique understands the critical role of active rehabilitation for lasting recovery and preventing future problems. That’s why we’ve equipped our facility with a specially designed gym with everything you need for rehabilitation. Here, you can improve mobility and strengthen and condition your body in a secure and encouraging setting, all while guided by our professional physiotherapists.

A physiotherapist of Physio Physique is assisting a woman working out on the bike.

Contact Us Today!

Take the first step towards a healthier, more comfortable life with physiotherapy in Hyde Park. We’re here to answer any questions and help you set up your initial appointment. Our friendly team is eager to listen to your needs and guide you through our services to find the best solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 17 parking spaces available on-site for your convenience.

No, you do not need a doctor's referral to see a physiotherapist if you are attending as a private paying client.

A doctor's referral is only required if your injury is in relation to one of the following:

  • Work injury (RTWSA)
  • Motor vehicle accident (CTP)
  • Medicare Care Plan (EPC)
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)

Yes, you are welcome to choose the physiotherapist you feel most comfortable with. We may at times, suggest a different physiotherapist to ensure you achieve the fastest recovery.

Yes, Physio Physique is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am-2:00pm. Book an appointment online conveniently or give us a call at (08) 8123 8252.

Your physiotherapist has designed a management plan with you and is committed to helping you recover as fast as possible. Your recovery is determined by your commitment to treatment and will be delayed if you do not attend your scheduled appointments.

We understand that life can be busy at times and we are happy to accommodate. If you do need to reschedule your appointment, we ask that you call us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

This will help our physiotherapists maintain flow and provide other clients with much-needed appointments.

The short answer is yes, however, it is important to seek guidance on your limitations and rebuild your capacity safely. We encourage you to consult one of our expert physiotherapists to assess and develop a management plan which will prevent deconditioning and speed up your recovery.

Yes, Physio Physique has available the latest HICAPS Trinity Terminal and accepts 100% of Australia's Private Health Insurers.

To claim your health insurance rebate, you will need to bring your physical or digital health insurance card.

If you forget to bring your health insurance card, do not worry. You can pay the full-service fee and then claim your rebate back directly from your insurer.

To ensure the highest quality of physiotherapy services we provide 60-minute initial appointments and 30-minute subsequent appointments.

The industry standards are 30-minute initial appointments and 15-minute subsequent appointments.

Unfortunately, the rebates do not adequately cover the cost of our services, therefore we do not bulk bill.

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