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We treat the cause of your back pain, not just the symptoms

Back pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint and affects one in six Australians. Back pain can present in a variety of ways and is contributed by factors such as; stress, general health, muscle weakness, poor flexibility, excess body weight and many more. Our comprehensive assessment approach can help you identify the underlying causes of your back injury and empower you with all the tools you need to recover fast and prevent back pain in the long term.

The patient is receiving deadlift assistance from the Physio Physique physiotherapist.

We specialise in treating these
common back pain conditions:

The patient at Physio Physique is holding his back due to a disc bulge

Disc Bulges

Bulging discs are the most common findings seen on x-rays, CT scans and MRI scans. Symptoms can vary from a dull ache to sharp, severe pain; and can be aggravated by sitting, bending and lifting. We can help acute and chronic disc bulges.

The Physio Physique patient is clutching her hips because she is experiencing leg discomfort.


Sciatica is a fancy word for pain and symptoms that spread down to your hips or legs as a result of a lumbar spine (lower back) complaint. Pain can be accompanied by tingling, numbness and weakness down your legs.

Scoliosis is present in the patient at Physio Physique.


Scoliosis is a term used to describe when someone’s spine is “twisted” which causes a sideways curvature. Muscle imbalances and poor biomechanics can contribute to scoliosis and can be improved by re-training your body.

Our 4-Step
"Better Back" Blueprint

Settle It

We use various hands-on techniques and combine Eastern and Western healing principles to settle your pain down fast. This can include dry needling, cupping, deep tissue massage, shockwave therapy and gentle exercises designed to improve circulation and calm the nervous system.

Regain Mobility

When you sustain an injury and are in pain, your muscles will spasm and prevent you from moving. This is a useful form of protection however this also causes you more pain and restriction. We will teach you specific flexibility and mobility exercises to help “unlock your back”.

Rebuild Core

Once your back pain starts to settle and you can move more easily, it’s time to rebuild the muscles around your core, hips and legs. Many of these exercises do not require any equipment and can be performed at home.

Restore Confidence

Strong muscles are like body armour and a strong core is important for control during daily tasks. It is equally important to develop adequate lifting power and ability to carry loads in different positions.

At Physio Physique,
our team's got your back

Get in touch with our friendly team or book online to get on top of your back pain.
Group photo of Physio Physique physiotherapists.

Fast and effective back pain solutions by experienced physiotherapists

Our team of expert physiotherapists provide hands-on treatments to settle down your back pain and then help support you through your recovery. We work with you from start to finish to ensure that you regain confidence in your back and reduce the risk of future back injuries.

All you need to recover fast

Our team of health professionals are committed to helping you recover fast. We combine manual therapy techniques (passive) and exercise rehab (active) to reach your goals safely.

Our onsite gym allows us to properly assess your physical abilities and demonstrate all suitable exercises in a safe environment. Our functional training equipment allows us to mimic and develop strength so you can perform all daily activities with confidence.

The physiotherapist at Physio Physique is assisting patients with a wide range of physical exercises.

Don't let pain
dictate your day

We’re here to support you on your journey to pain-free living.

The patient at Physio Physique is at a desk holding her lower back in pain.

Severe pain does not equal a severe problem!

Back and spinal pain is a complex condition and is affected by a multitude of factors. Pain scientists have discovered that pain can be amplified by stress, emotional distress, negative beliefs and even how medical information is presented to you.

Pain is a “protector” and is created by your brain and spinal cord to change your behaviour during your recovery in attempts to reduce the risk of further injury. We educate you on your back injury, provide practical advice and help you recover safely.

How relevant are your scans?

If you have been to your Doctor before visiting us, you have quite likely been referred for an X-ray, CT scan or MRI. It has been shown that the older you are, the more prevalent different spinal conditions will be present in asymptomatic individuals. For example, 40% of people in their 30s without back pain or symptoms, will have a disc bulge on imaging.

More often than not, your recovery will be influenced by lifestyle factors, the treatments received and dedication to your management plan. You are unique and your individual circumstances play a large role in your back pain and recovery. We assess you as a “whole person” and provide a treatment plan specific to your needs.

An elderly patient at Physio Physique is undergoing body scan.

At Physio Physique,
we set ourselves apart by:

Using a holistic assessment
and treatment approach

We use a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach that combines highly effective manual therapy and personalised exercises specific to your needs.

Designing our services
for busy schedules

Our Adelaide clinic is open 7 days a week with extended hours and flexible appointment times suitable for busy people.

Empowering you to reclaim
control of your health

We support and encourage clients to self-maintain their health through education as the key to preventing future issues. We teach you to heal yourself.

Helping build sustainable
habits for lasting results

We believe that positive and long-lasting results are achieved by introducing realistic goals that you can stick to.

Offering specialised care
for NDIS participants

We understand that NDIS participants have a range of specific needs and deliver services that ensure their goals can be met.

Providing a welcoming
environment and service

Our staff create a professional yet relaxing atmosphere filled with flourishing plants and welcome clients with coffee or tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is yes. Although your Doctor may have diagnosed you with a bulging disc, it is actually only one of many factors contributing to your back pain. It is important to address the underlying biomechanical, psychological and lifestyle factors that caused your condition.

Most of our patients report an immediate reduction in back and spinal pain following treatment. Many factors will determine how long it takes for full recovery which can include, but are not limited to - your age, lifestyle, general health, type of injury and chronicity.

After your comprehensive assessment, our Physiotherapists will provide you with self-management advice, home exercises and powerful techniques to speed up your healing and reduce your pain without medication.

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