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Relieve chronic pain with the help of expert physiotherapists

Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than 3 months or beyond the expected healing time. Chronic pain has a physical component and a psychosomatic component and can be influenced by many factors.

Factors may include emotional distress, your expectations of the condition, general health, co-morbidities, stress, chemical irritants (e.g. smoking) and levels of physical trauma. Our physiotherapists understand chronic pain and can support you through this complex journey.

Physio Physique patient undergoing dry needling therapy on back.

We specialise in Treating
These chronic pain conditions:

Physio Physique medical illustration portraying chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia.


Fibromyalgia may be triggered by an event that causes physical stress or emotional stress or infection. For example, a physical trigger could be an injury sustained from a motor vehicle accident.

A patient at Physio Physique is laying on a couch experiencing fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic fatigue syndrome is similar to fibromyalgia, however, fatigue and an overwhelming lack of energy tend to be the primary symptom. CFS tends to be less painful than fibromyalgia.

A patient at Physio Physique with pained expression experiencing chronic headaches.

Chronic Headaches & Migraines

Chronic headaches and migraines are defined as being present for more than 15 days per month and can be further categorised as chronic migraine or medication overuse headaches. Physiotherapy is the most commonly used form of non-pharmaceutical management of chronic headaches & migraines.

An elderly patient at Physio Physique is experiencing chronic pain in her lower back.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is very common and may be contributed to by poor treatment/management at the time of the initial back injury. It is very important to receive education, targeted physio rehab and support during your recovery. Chronic back pain may take many months to recover properly.

At Physio Physique,
we set ourselves apart by:

Using a holistic assessment
and treatment approach

We use a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach that combines highly effective manual therapy and personalised exercises specific to your needs.

Designing our services
for busy schedules

Our Adelaide clinic is open 7 days a week with extended hours and flexible appointment times suitable for busy people.

Empowering you to reclaim
control of your health

We support and encourage clients to self-maintain their health through education as the key to preventing future issues. We teach you to heal yourself.

Helping build sustainable
habits for lasting results

We believe that positive and long-lasting results are achieved by introducing realistic goals that you can stick to.

Offering specialised care
for NDIS participants

We understand that NDIS participants have a range of specific needs and deliver services that ensure their goals can be met.

Providing a welcoming
environment and service

Our staff create a professional yet relaxing atmosphere filled with flourishing plants and welcome clients with coffee or tea.

We're here to help you take
control of your chronic pain

Get in touch with our friendly team or book online today.

The Physio Physique team photo.

Our chronic pain physios can help you manage your pain

Navigating chronic pain can be very stressful, overwhelming and make you feel like there is no hope. It’s like trying to find a destination in a foreign country without a GPS.

Our physios are not dismissive and will listen to your story to develop an achievable management plan with your input. We can safely navigate you through your rehab and rebuild you up physically, emotionally and mentally.

Take advantage of our on-site gym and facilities

Part of your journey to overcome chronic pain is to gradually introduce load and do things you may have avoided for a long time. Our physiotherapists can supervise and slowly rebuild your strength and confidence in our functional gym area. Let’s focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do!

A series of images of gym interior and physiotherapists at Physio Physique assisting patients with physical exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you experience pain on most days and for longer than 3 months, then you likely suffer from chronic pain.

Chronic pain needs a holistic approach and may require change in many areas of your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all approach so it is best to discuss your chronic pain with a team of health professionals.

It is always best to seek treatment for pain and injury as soon as possible. Generally, the longer your pain persists the more difficult it is to settle the pain in the long term.

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